Data Privacy Manager

New data privacy laws are emerging on a regular basis across the globe (GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, etc.). Enterprises are struggling to comply with all the emerging laws. Micro Focus Data Privacy Manager enables enterprises to systematically comply, with new and emerging privacy laws, through automation, scalability, configurability and parameterization.

Discover: Find sensitive structured data in active and inactive systems across the enterprise.
Classify: Analyze and classify data such as names, social security numbers, IDs and more based system defined and user defined libraries.a
Enforce: Enforce centrally-set privacy and security policy and manage data across the enterprise from a single pane of glass (e.g. move, delete, quarantine, notify or protect).
Protect: Mask or Pseudonymize sensitive data using encryption and tokenization, protecting privacy while keeping it usable for business processes and analytics.
Document: Document every action taken throughout the process and generate reports for compliance audits.

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Data Privacy Manager

As a GOLD partner, InfoCorvus consulting and training services can help your company get started to manage your data privacy compliance needs. infoCorvus is a Gold Partner of Micro Focus and reseller of Micro Focus Data Privacy Manager.

One data Enterprise Analytics, for businesses that run in real time
  • Real time analytics
  • Collaboration
  • Integrate with DWH, ERP systems, SalesForce, HDFS,
  • Days to implement
  • Move over Canned Reports and dashboards
  • Embedded Analytics within ERP systems
Incorta - Cited in 2015 Gartner report for search based analytics
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