Big Data

It is all well and good having access to big data; but unless we can turn it into value it is useless. Start your big data initiative out right by letting us design a solution stack that provides the appropriate Big Data technologies for

  • Scalability & Performance
  • Operational Ease
  • Cost Effectiveness

What is Big Data?
Volume Work with vast amounts of data. Terabytes to Petabytes of data
Velocity Keep up to the speed at which new data is generated from devices and systems. Streaming, Real-Time, Operational data
Variety Merge in different types of data from disparate sources. ERP, Data warehouses, Social, Weather, Local,
Veracity Adapt to the messiness or trustworthiness of the data
Value Gain actionable insight
Our Approach
  1. Identify a use case,
  2. Locate and integrate with your big data sources,
  3. Design a solution stack with the right set of Big Data technologies
  4. Implement a proof of concept, and
  5. Make Big Data a viable and useful business capability
Key Domains
  • Real-Time - Transactional, online, streaming, low-latency
  • Analytical - Aggregated data from Data Warehouses, ERP, Real Time feeds etc
  • Search - Internal, External, Structured, Un-Structured, Social data
  • Implement in days
  • No need for ETL or star schema
  • Near real time analytics
  • Process very large data sets
  • Lightning fast response time
HP Big Data Solutions

As a HP partner, we are certified to support and implement Big Data solutions including HP’s Vertica, a versatile offering that allows a highly scalable platform for structured and un-structured data with Machine learning capability

One data Enterprise Analytics, for businesses that run in real time
  • Real time analytics
  • Collaboration
  • Integrate with DWH, ERP systems, SalesForce, HDFS,
  • Days to implement
  • Move over Canned Reports and dashboards
  • Embedded Analytics within ERP systems
Incorta - Cited in 2015 Gartner report for search based analytics
Informatica Solutions

Coming soon.